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  1. 😁 you're right. NONE of us know right now. That article was just another opinion piece. If we believed everything we read in the newspapers or heard our governments say we wouldn't know our backsides from our elbows. I believe there is still hope. Numbers are heading in the right direction, flights and travel look set to be good from the 28th June. Bands are contracted in AND desperate to play again in front of a live audience. Trials of live events have been happening with the successful data to back up its validity. I by no means think it's guaranteed to go ahead, I'm just seeing a lot more positivity on the topic than we had this time last year. Just don't give up hope.
  2. If you read the thread it was in relation to another comment. I've linked to it up above to save you time trying to find it. Sometimes it's worth understanding the full context before you try and trip people up. Really hope your evening gets better. Take care dude 🤟
  3. https://elpais.com/cultura/2021-05-09/vamos-a-hacer-este-verano-un-festival-para-25000-personas-saltando-y-abrazandose-como-antes.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true Hopefully it'll automatically translate for you. No idea about the validity but it's a published article.
  4. Well being double booked would be a problem 🙈😁
  5. I've just read another article stating festival under 25k capacity are likely to go ahead in Spain from early July, which kinda another nail in the coffin for the naysayers. All I know, is if it goes ahead and I'm able to get there safely, I'll be there. If not I'll have a nice few days off work (hopefully still in Madrid) sunning myself next to a pool and adding to my tat collection.
  6. Great advice. I guess only time will tell.
  7. Disagree with me as much as you want. But there is no need to make personal attacks and imply I have a drug dealer. I wish you find some happiness in your life soon so you don't have to get whatever little kicks you can from sarcastic comments to strangers 😉 Peace and love bro x
  8. So I have 🙈 Here is one from 2 hours ago instead. Still says end of June. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-53640249
  9. Yes this is the current stage now. However the Spanish Government according to the below news article, is working towards and back to normality by the end of June, should things stay on track. Perfect timing for Mad Cool https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52459034 All I'm saying is there's still a glimmer of hope and anyone with tickets that plans to go, hope isn't over yet! It's okay to be optimistic - spread the love!
  10. Possibly all the artists contracted to play. Travel for work reasons are allowed. All artists would have been given an opportunity to sign a new contract otherwise legally they couldn't be named on the line up. Yes some artists did pull out last year like Taylor but Killers, KOL, RHCP, Cardie B are all still on the line up and also have other dates in Europe around the same time. I believe EU and US will be on each others Green list from May 20th. As for the other point by another User on The Killers cancellation of UK gigs, this was because they were scheduled for May and June and as you can see the UK isn't ready for a UK festival until after June 21st (hence Download being postponed). There is definitely some positive news out there. Both Alex James festival is set to run this year and Chris Evans announced Car Fest will go ahead with a confirmed line up in July on Monday of this week. Don't get me wrong, I still have a shadow of doubt it won't go ahead, I'm not entirely stupid 😳 That said, there are more positive indicators than this time last year and I do believe they can pull it off, with the only REAL unknown is the impact of new variants like the current Indian one. Give it 4 weeks and we'll know if the vaccination program is working.
  11. So much negativity. Flights from UK to Spain should be back on by 28th June with Spain being on the green list. I'm honestly optimistic Mad Cool is going ahead this year. Only last week Deftones tweeted about playing Mad Cool. 2DCC have a couple of planned indoor gigs in Spain within a few days. I don't think it will be at full capacity, they had already decreased ticket numbers from 2019 and of course there were many tickets refunded from last year. They already closed extra sales of Wednesday when they rescheduled last year. As for making an announcement "that it might not go ahead" as requested above. That's just bad business practice. The show must go on and all that jazz.
  12. I was booked on the exact same flights and hadn't even realised they had changed the days, I just thought it was the times. So glad I read this as they changed mine Thursday to Thursday.
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