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  1. Thanks all, lovely to hear all these. The number of people who seem to have a formative memory that somehow involves Pulp seems unusually high compared to other bands, I reckon... Definitely sure? Seems like you remember Jarvis’s chat very well!
  2. First time posting here so please forgive me if I’m in the wrong forum/making some huge accidental faux pas! I’m a writer working on a book about the 1990s, and I’m trying to find and interview some people to interview who caught Pulp’s 1995 headline slot (that Saturday where they replaced the Stone Roses at short notice). It’s one of those amazing moments in cultural history - massive for Britpop, obviously, and for a band who had been around for years before this set and Common People launched them to stratospheric heights. It’s regularly cited as one of the greatest Glasto perform
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