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  1. Hi mate if possible if u have the time can u point out where it is here?
  2. Hi, I was wondering whether there is a silent disco this leers festival, if anyone has any intel or knowledge or guesses on it then that’d be fantastic. Thanks a lot
  3. Hi, could anyone please say if there’s a silent disco this Leeds festival. If there is any info or guesses or input that anyone has that’d be amazing, thanks.
  4. Could it be a band member gone solo playing the bands stuff, like a Liam situation w someone else
  5. Calvin Harris would be an insane booking but I agree with that about fatboy or chems I’d personally love to see them but maybe not realistic, Just got me thinking how much I’d just love to see one 90s dance act on it to be honest, faithless, daft punk, underworld any of them anywhere on lineup I’d be happy with
  6. Oooo Calvin Harris would be amazing, however how likely, only alternatives I can think of realistically are chems and fatboy for headline
  7. What’s the chances of The Weeknd, and if there was a dance act headlining who would it be
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