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  1. The idea that schools are shut is still laughable. 30-60% full across the vast majority.
  2. He needs to start following the rules.
  3. All of this is ignoring the effectiveness of the vaccines though. The R rate and number of infections become largely irrelevant if you’ve successful managed to prevent serious disease and death in as much of the population as possible. Strict border controls would be in place purely to prevent any vaccine resistant strains or variants finding their way into the community.
  4. I don’t disagree with you. It was a hypothetical question mixed with a bit of wishful thinking.
  5. As in being in tiers for the foreseeable future. So maybe allowed to meet friends and family in small groups, attend socially distanced events with hugely reduced crowds etc and in and out of tougher restrictions as the situation requires. More than we can do now but nothing resembling life before covid.
  6. Who would accept the current restrictions being in place (or possibly harder restrictions) until June or July if it meant going for an Australian style covid zero approach? As close to normal life as possible with some mask wearing and common sense distancing. I would rather another 6 months of this to have my life back rather than another 2 or 3 months and only part of my life back.
  7. It’s quite simple, don’t fly during a pandemic and then complain that one part of the journey was unsafe. I’m sure Heathrow would rather they weren’t put in the position of having to crowd control in the first place.
  8. Wait til she finds out how constricted the space is on the planes they all just flew on.
  9. They’ve all just sat on a plane with other people and then complaining about a queue at the other end? Hilarious.
  10. This can’t be right, the nurses and doctors on tv keep telling us there’s loads of young people in hospital this time around? You nearly have to squint to see those 15-44 lines.
  11. Mass testing doesn’t work.
  12. Somebody should probably tell the BBC. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/education-55579711
  13. 150+ kids in the same schools that had 3 or 4 in the first lockdown. Either a lot of parents have changed careers in the last 9 months or they have relaxed the rules on which children can and can’t go to school. Some classrooms have only 3 kids at home, the other 30 still in the classroom every day. That’s not a lockdown.
  14. When they actually shut the primary schools.
  15. And it won’t improve much yet because primary schools are still between 1/3 and 1/2 full due to changes to the key worker guidelines. This is not a proper lockdown.
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