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  1. Thank you! Yeah that's totally understandable (i probably wouldn't either), unfortunately i had issues with the material simulation program, and I couldn't get in contact with manufacturers, so the pricing could definetly be refined. My tutor specified a 50% profit margin, but ideally i'd of wanted it to compete with the garden cart retail price.
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j-8gQwmMMmDN2MWoNi4IVQRqU_HzN1w4 PDF here for those not wanting to watch the video
  3. Hi guys, theres four days left of the project and i've pretty much finalised everything. Huge thanks to everyone who helped with their advice and feedback along the way. I've got a draft of my presentation here, and i'm looking for feedback quotes from festival goers to put in on my final slide. You guys would be ideal so if you have any thoughts on the value of the design let me know! The youtube link below is the presentation, but for those that don't want to sit through it, i'll post just the presentation pictures itself below. Thanks!
  4. Asking this because I'm thinking of designing a similiar rental service of trolleys/barrows for my project, For those of you who have used it before, i'd be interested to know what was good about the service? What was bad and could be improved? Cheers, Drew
  5. Hey guys, hope everyones well Sorry for the lack of updates, my university has now closed but the project is still underway as we're still due to graduate this year which is good. I won't have the facilities to manufacture and test the product unfortunately, so i'll have to rely on advice and recommendations to conclude what will work and what won't. This does give me a little bit more time to work on the design and research though. I've got three concepts here, would once again appreciate any of your feedback! The wheels are still undecided which is why they aren't sketched on, wh
  6. Thanks for the feedback Mark, You make a great point here, some sort of flexible material rather than fixed bars across the post would work better as it wouldn't restrict the space but also keep it secure. Maybe some horizontal ratchet straps this time? Interesting point about the wheels too. I had a long chat in a local fishing shop yesterday and the owner praised the 2 wheeled barrow below. The trolley was suprisingly light and could be held upright by one finger. We decided that for my purpose three wheels would probably be best, giving the best of both worlds with
  7. Played around with some designs today, what do you guys think? Design 1 Played around with having the frames length expandable. I've kept the extended space as bars rather than a flat surface so heavy items such as beer crates can't be placed here, encouraging it to be placed in the middle on the flat base above the wheels, keeping it stable. The side panels will be able to be folded down incase the user wants to place items sideways across the base instead. Design 2 As another design, i've looked at having a customisable frame. For those that want to s
  8. Think i'm going to avoid the electric route for simplicity sake, tracks would be nice also and i'll be sure to show i've explored it in developments but I don't think i'll gain much marks compared to the time put into sorting it out. You're right about the tractors, i'll check out those fat bikes too!
  9. Saw this a few weeks ago when i was researching for ideas, looks great mate but i think i'm going to avoid the electric route. Cool project though, how did the wheels hold up in the terrain?
  10. Ah i see, this could work. Thanks for getting back, I get what you mean now. I've heard about self cleaning threads on tires, might look into those. Although i'm not sure if the wheel will be rotating fast enough to have much of an affect. Cheers mate, i've been looking into fishing trolleys actually, thought it was interesting how they are mainly in a barrow style and i haven't seen any four wheeled ones. They're also all push too. How do you find yours holds up? How many tires do you have on yours and do you find there are balance issues? I had doubts about the
  11. I didn't think about having the wheels on the outside, i'll look into that. Bamboo would be a nice touch, wonder how it would hold up after a couple of years without needing to be treated though Yeah I suppose it could be proposed as an accessory item tailored to the trolley. This looks ideal I actually went to a shop yesterday that sells ex military supplies and grabbed some tents for £5 a piece to use for prototyping. That'd be a nice touch having it out of festival tents, could use them for the tarpulin or the canvas if i go down that route.
  12. Good point about queues, maybe even a bar that you could quickly set down with your foot to hold it upright? Interesting, will look into this Yeah i thought about this too, although i imagine some people aren't as smart about stacking as others so they might want sides....could make them collapsible so the options there. Definetly going to have lots of strap options.
  13. Thank you! Thanks for the detailed break down, some good considerations here. Forgot about that with the breaks, will probably cause problems when its clogged up with mud, might not go down that route now
  14. For sure, i've heard good things about the sgt's and I don't want to my design to be too radical. That's a good point about steering, If I'm saying the primary method of moving it is pushing it from the back handles... Maybe two free moving wheels like they have on shopping trolleys? Although i've heard that these can be difficuilt to steer the way you want them to go....I'll need to bare in mind navigating the winding 'S' queues too
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