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  1. The world is a funny old place at the moment. We seem to spend a lot of time hating things, stuffs, its and people for all sorts of reasons. They say things differently. It isn't the right colour. It's not from this country. He looked at me the wrong way. She doesn't believe the same thing I do and in all the hum-chum conundrum of our day to day lives, you'd be hard-pressed to say things were easy, but don't worry. That's where we come in. For one day, and one day only, we invite you to come with us to a very special place. A place where you can be whoever you are, a place where you can bring your sister, your mother-in-law, your eagle (sadly not but we like the idea) and celebrate all the good things about being human without it costing you a bomb.So - join us, join us, join us you fun-loving feet stompers, for our second annual festival of beautiful music, mouth-watering, reasonably-priced food and drink and of course, a good ol' boogie.LINEUPNAVI - THE NUMBER ONE TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON------------------------------------------------------------------The worlds' number one tribute to Michael Jackson, Navi (The World's #1 Michael Jackson Tribute)------------------------------------------------------------------Navi, certified as the best tribute to Michael Jackson in the world was personally chosen by Michael Jackson himself to perform at Michaels' 45th Birthday Party. He's been to Neverland and still maintains close ties to the Jackson family and Sony Records, continuing to honour commitments to the family even now.This incredibly talented man has sold out shows in 57 countries, across five continents. He was invited by Sony to their London headquarters to hear Michael’s most recent album before it was released commercially in 2010 and has amassed a ginormous Facebook following of over 600,000 likes from his fans around the world.Navi will be bringing a tailored show to Bannaroo 2020, complete with a unique 4 piece band and a troupe of backing dancers and vocalists to recreate some of the King of Pops finest contributions to humanity.We are completely humbled to welcome this incredible homage to Norfolk's best kept secret.GUNS 2 ROSES------------------------------------------------------------------The worlds' number one tribute to Guns N' Roses------------------------------------------------------------------We are absolutely ecstatic to present your first act for Bannaroo 2020, The world's number one tribute to Guns N' Roses,Guns 2 Roses - Guns N' Roses Tribute BandHaving played with all 4 members of the original band, Guns II Roses begin establishing themselves in the early 2000's and have quickly become recognised as the best of the best. They've appeared on stage with Slash and Axel and have been endorsed by the official Guns N' Roses HQ as the most talented tribute in the world today.Now, 10 years on, they have continued to refine their sound and image into the reincarnation we know today. They've appeared at some of the most prestigious venues across the UK, headlined festivals in Los Angeles and have continued to expand their footprint with their recent European tour, selling out shows from Holland to Slovenia and sharing that head-banging magic every little step of the way. more acts to follow
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