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  1. I would imagine a few thousand tickets are going to be taken up by people taking their kids who will cross the threshold , now they’re being allowed to jump the queue for a real ticket.
  2. Just dropped the phone call to my fiancé that our wedding is officially cancelled/postponed/fallow We were getting registered in quiet at home, in just our normal clothes on the Monday. Then we were having the ceremony at Glasto on the Saturday, she was vowing to wear her dress in as much mud as possible 😆 Shes upset , it’s not the end of the world, will be fine but what a grim phone call to have to make telling a girl her wedding is off
  3. Let’s pray for torrential rain on what would have been the 2020 dates
  4. There is absolutely no way in a billion years that a festival well known for its difficulty to get tickets for , is going to tell 150,000 people “tough luck, try again” They would get absolutely canes in the media, it’s against Glastonbury spirit and 9/10 ticketless people that are vying for it won’t get tickets for 2021 regardless of what happens. It makes zero sense for them to do it, they gain nothing from it, it’s cold and its pointless.
  5. Best idea is that 2020 ticket holders get 2021 tickets and the league is voided
  6. To be fair , most people I have spoken to that don’t have a horse in the race , fundamentally and 100% agree that it’s a baffling idea. I just think a few people online are really desperate to be able to go even if that means at others expenses , so want as much as chance as possible.
  7. Download is right at the start of June, I don’t see Download happening if Glasto doesn’t (I have tickets for both)
  8. There are people that would be astonished if ticket holders didn’t get first choice on 2021 too, it’s been done to death. Nobody knows, the voices are louder for them to not carry over because more people don’t have tickets than do
  9. It would just seem to be the most un-Glasto thing ever to take people’s tickets.
  10. I would say the main hope is because they’ve announced the lineup, that this “festival” will be postponed until next year, They will want to avoid completely wiping the lineup and starting again I would imagine.
  11. Another one that I have no idea about, I have a very excited 11 year old that was coming to Glastonbury , next year he will be 12, so he’ll need a ticket - but obviously didn’t get him one. It’s small in the grand scheme of things but what a mess
  12. I was having my wedding ceremony at Glasto this year , my fiancé is crying. Fml
  13. Because it’s so hard to get tickets , it would be very harsh on people that did manage to get tickets after years, to then not be able to go. It’s in the spirit of Glastonbury that’s 100% sure
  14. Yeah they do, and I would imagine that the people that missed out on tickets will understand that and look forward to attempting again when they’re next eligible
  15. Disagree The people that “missed out” for 2020 won’t have missed out on anything, nothing will have happened.
  16. I am not looking for an argument here, but if anyone could please explain so I am on the same page as other people. How is it, honestly - that people can consider of these 2 possibilities “People that didn’t get a ticket for 2020, wouldn’t be able to go to a postponed 2021 because 2020 got cancelled” ”People that got a ticket to the cancelled 2020 lose their rights and have to re apply with the rest” That the first one is genuinely more unfair than the second one? Like seriously. I absolutely cannot fathom it
  17. The point still stands, it’s genuinely concerning that people are rabidly saying that’s gonna be the outcome.
  18. I love the idea that people think Liverpool will be given a league title they didn’t win The 50th Glastonbury is going to be full of people that initially didn’t get a ticket, whilst those that did end up not being able to go Neither will happen; both are bizzare outcomes almost solely perpetuated by Liverpool fans and ticketless people, both clinging onto theories for their own gain when neither make sense at all.
  19. It is of course absolutely absurd. They’ve even released the lineup. There is no possible way this will result in people that got tickets for the 50th Glastonbury not being able to attend, and those who didn’t get tickets attending.
  20. It’s just people being selfish because they didn’t get tickets, it’s literally nothing but that.
  21. I don’t see any chain of events happening where people that successfully got tickets for the 50th Glastonbury won’t be able to go to the 50th Glastonbury if they wish.
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