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  1. Is the lineup a definitely coming tomorrow. X
  2. Only discovered them last night when they supported and they are definitely a band I'm going to look into such a strong fan base.
  3. Just seen The Menzingers at The Albert Hall in Manchester and honestly they were incredible need to make an appearance at randl this year
  4. What is everyone favourite flavour of walkers. X 1.Salt and vinegar
  5. 1. BIFFY FUCKING CLYRO 2.The Menzingers 3.Dinosaur Pile-Up 4.The Night Cafe 5.EASY LIFE
  6. We need to get to 300. So here's some questions to get us there Everyone's favorite celebration chocolate in order from 1 to 8 1. Galaxy Caramel 2. Normal Galaxy 3.Twix 4. Mars 5. Milky way 6. Malteser Teasers 7. Snickers 8. Bounty Also is a croissant sweet or savory. X
  7. Realistically when shall we expect a lineup announcement x
  8. Will there be a first announcement tomorrow.
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