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  1. Actually when you type Tame Impala shows on google, NOS does indeed pop up 🤨
  2. Serious detective work mate, respect 😂
  3. Moses Sumney really reminds me of FKA Twigs, does anyone know if he does 'full performances' (dance / scenography etc) on stage as well ?
  4. Vald has gotten bigger here, and is pretty fun live tbh But by all means I agree with you, weak lineup, won't be coming back this year
  5. Based on your message, I’d recommend getting the upgrade indeed
  6. This year will be my first time at NOS, for those who have been before, how big are the grounds? I took a look at a map online and it looks rather small,, not that I'm used to gigantic festivals, but does it get quite crowded, how are the queues etc? Cheers
  7. I would say the festival is definitely English-friendly, you’ll always find someone to help you, it has quite developed over the last few years but is still fairly human-sized, chill etc As for accommodation, it is easier to get to the site using the subway, so I reckon any airbnb along the line will do again, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a good time
  8. Stormzy really isn't that big here in France, LG played in France so many times in the past few years, I don't think they would justify adding a single day indeed Eminem or RATM on the other hand...
  9. I imagine both are mad expensive ah I think the festival is closely tied with the city of Paris, maybe because of local elections and for promotion’s sake they are willing to spend a fair amount of money 🤔 but to be honest it has always been one of my favourite festivals, the atmosphere is always good, lots of chill people but not too many during the shows, etc so I’ll probably be going no matter what except on the Tuesday because being a teacher, this date is the worst one ever 😂
  10. I would love to see the Black Keys again 🙏
  11. I would be AMAZED mate 😂 But to be fair I was surprised last year when they pulled off The Cure a lot of their marketing this year seems to be about female empowerment, I don’t know if that will be reflected on the headliners
  12. August 29-30th september 1st feb 10th for the first names Surprising they should have a break on the 31st, probably because they have someone big that could only do the 1st 🤔
  13. I am going to Nos this year and not to Primavera, but since I saw some questions about PNL and that I'm French: They are indeed pretty huge here, partly because they are quite exclusive, being independent, not giving any interviews, and doing very few shows. Their music videos are also very, very well produced. That being said, if you don't understand the language, I reckon their show is a bit of a waste of time. It is fairly standard cloud rap (unusual in france but not groundbreaking by any means if you're used to it), their lightshows are on point but there's not much of an atmosphere at their performances, unless you understand the words and are able to sing along. If you want to see for yourself, their most famous hits are -amongst others- 'Le Monde ou Rien' and 'Da', and the most dancy, catchy, would be '91's' or 'Béné' I saw them for the last time at Rock en Seine 2018 and it was fun since we knew the lyrics, but otherwise quite disappointing with their being late etc Anyways, if you want to discover something new give it a go, otherwise during the festival I think other stages might be more interesting !
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