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  1. MCR will not play. Come on guys. They are doing three nights at MK. Atlot of people will try and flog their MK tickets and just go to Leeds/reading.
  2. Doubt it. They played like 4 times last festival
  3. Hi Sam, You will definitely get a camping spot. It won't be in the most desirable areas and will be quite far away from everything (unless you get luck). I came Friday last year and found a nice chilled out spot. It turned out to be the best spot ive ever had. Take it as it comes and don't worry about it as loads of people will come on Friday also.
  4. Thanks for your input. This is definitely something i will be doing. Last year everyone was setting their tents on fire and causing chaos.
  5. Hi Everyone! In need of help. I went to Leeds fest last year and didn't particularly like it; as it was full of very young teenagers getting drugged up. I'm 21 and found it hard to find people my own age. I'm really contemplating going to Reading this year. What is everyone's experiences on them both?
  6. What's the best concert you have ever been to? For me it was Tame Impala at Glastonbury 2019, headlining the other stage. The show was just incredible. I love Tame Impala anyway; but i just remember stopping for a second looking round and being frozen in time for a split second. I felt so much comfort and relaxed in this moment. Also they played really well.
  7. That's correct. He probably won't play any Radiohead songs, unless he brings out Greenwood/full band for maybe two tracks. Can't see it happening. His new album Anima, is good tbh.
  8. Thom Yorke will headline west holts mate. Radiohead are my favourite band, but don't think id see him with Tomorrows modern boxes.
  9. Is the MK gig, the Slipknow Festival? Or is it their own. I'd go anywhere in the UK to see them tbh. They could even get added on to the Download lineup as it has came under criticism and they are doing the australian/japan versions.
  10. Are My Chemical romance going to play?? I can dream. I believe they will play Leeds.
  11. Could the third headliner be David Bryne: American Utopia. I don't know but i hope so.
  12. In my opinion, the other stage will be Foals, Biffy and 1975. I'm pretty much sure this will be it. I think that would be a brilliant lineup for the other stage.
  13. If you go at the night your bag will be searched in depth. I'm talking absolutely everything pulled apart and searched with a torch. Pop off the top off a roll on deodorant, put the stuff in and then put the circle bag in. Jobs a good one.
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