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  1. Any discussions going on for community festival 2021? Potential headliners could be Wombats? Royal Blood? DMA’s? Foals? Bastille? Liam Gallagher? NGHFB? Ian Brown? Two Door Cinema Club? Courteeners? Some more realistic than others but who do we think we’ll see next year and when will we see the lineup?
  2. Is there a thread for talk of the 2021 festival/lineup? If not does anyone was a discuss it? Despite being on the initial voting form I now assume that Kasabian and maybe the killers are out of the question. I really want Two Door& LG like there should’ve been in 2020
  3. List of potential headliners across the 2 days... Royal Blood, The Wombats, Ian Brown, Stereophonics, Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door, Libs. feel free to rule some out/ add more to the list
  4. Who can headline community this year?? courteeners & 1975 - ruled out Bastille- not active this summer catfish, kooks, two door- done it before only possibilities I can think of are Ian Brown, The Wombats, Royal Blood?? Any suggestions?
  5. So Community is defo going ahead now, Personally I can only realistically see the Courteeners headlining, maybe the wombats? i feel as if Royal Blood is a step away from the indie scene that just won’t happen
  6. How quickly do tickets sell out/ are resale tickets often available? I really like the potential lineup but I haven't found anyone to go with as of yet, is it worth 1) buying a ticket now and trying to resell it later on if I cant go? or is it worth 2) just not buying a ticket yet and hoping it doesn't get sold out?? Many thanks
  7. They said they’re not doing festivals this year. RadioX instagram confirmed this
  8. Either Gerry or the courteeners imo
  9. That’s awesome. With a subheadliner like that (a dark fruits sort of band). Would they usually play underneath a similar sort of headliner (eg Liam Gallagher) or would they usually play under and different sort of headliner (eg a rapper)?
  10. Just thought, Wireless is usually the weekend after I’m pretty sure, so it’ll probs be the weekend before or the Saturday. This being said, the weekend before Noel Gallagher’s hfb are doing a big outdoor London gig, that night clash with the demographic of community fans and potential see ticket sales take a knock? I also emailed Community as I was so so bored, and they said that the details are yet to be confirmed, I’m really losing my patience with them and Reading
  11. Hopefully that’s the case then. What could the different venue be?
  12. I’m not sure if it’s a different event or if it is community but just with a bigger headliner? If it is a different event is community just cancelled then?
  13. Don’t suppose your source has any news on Community this year or Reading? Or even on the rumours about Kings of Leon performing at Finsbury Park on June 28tg
  14. Don’t suppose your source has any news at all on Community or Reading this year? Or news on KoL doing a headline gig at Finsbury Park this summer on the day of community?
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