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  1. They have recently changed the fib icon on instagram and fb and they have posts talking about there is much more to anounce. This could only mean 2 things: -They have fired the previous comunity manager -They are going to announce something in the next weeks.
  2. Remember that there are 2 headline slots, so it could be Mumford and an american band. Im not an insider but considering the budget of Cruilla festival in spain at least one of the headliners won't be very "expensive" Mumford and Sons fits perfect with that description and the strokes played at Loola last year so tomorrow they are not going to anounce The Strokes.
  3. Cruilla Festival, in Barcelona the week before Madcool also anounces some headliner tomorrow. Cruilla is a big festival but not as big as Madcool, so they are not anouncing the Strokes or Red Hot because they are too big, so probably Mumford, and suits better that festival. You can check previous lineups if you want. In my case this is a problem because I don't have my tickets, I can only go during friday and saturday, and im not shure to buy now or wait, if its mumford and some random band would be not wortht it, but if they are the Strokes or Red Hot i will pay more
  4. Sunday we have 15 names while only 9 on saturday. So we will have a lot of anoumcments and "big" ones too. Expect 6 artist per stage, with a minimum of three stages or a maximum of four, plus south beach. I
  5. They are goimg to keep the prices at least until the release of day tickets. This year they are focused on being sold out wit the minimum expenses. If that works they will rise the price year after year until no one know. Thats what they did with their biggest festival (arenal sound) and i'm sure that they are going to repeat strategy.
  6. I think that there are already 3 headliners, but the names are too big to keep it in the same line with big letter size. I would pay the double for real headliners as Kasabian, Royal Blood or so, but this is what we get... I think they are going after the 20 years old brirish market, so maybe next year I'm out. This lineup is okay thanks to previous agreements of the other organisation like Vampire Weekend or The Libertines.
  7. Definetly yes. Common, the price is 65 bucks or even less for most of us. Its amazing the lineup they have right now for that price, but they can't do magic. Festivals with headliners as The Killers or The Strokes cost 180 euros like Madcool or Primavera Sound, or 155 like Bilbao BBK and its only 3 day. Expect a big name, but no the Headliner of festivals that cost the triple or more. Fib 2020 Headliners are the equivalent to the second line names of really expensive festivals. I'm dissapointed about the fact that its only one act, by this time of the year
  8. I hope so, I really need new bands, and if its possible, different from the ones in the preliminary poster, this festival would be too much indie 2010, I want somethimg more fresh. Oh, and I really expect TDCC not to come, they are in every fucking festival and they are not great live, but this people are capable of put them as headliners. The same with Bastille, but at least they have a great live show.
  9. You should consider if sleeping is an important thing for you. Camping/gamping is very convinient because you are 5 minuts away from the festival, it's cheap and the vive is good, but you will be up arround 8 am because of the heat. Aniways, hotel prices in town are crazy and book the hotel outside Benicassim is very unconvinient because you depend on the buses and the lines to get in are masive.
  10. Problably, not only with a decrease in the price, also with promos and discount. This people know how convince people to get drunk with their stuff, with happy hours, packs and discounts for purchasing the tokens with anticipation. But expect also a decrease in alcohol quality, they will probably use the same supliers than the ones in Viñarock and Arenal Sound, Ive been to both and the quality is shit. The Vodka is from a brand called Poliakov and is pure horseshit and the beer is going to bee Heiniken for shure. The services that they may be cutting off ar
  11. The new owners of the festival are 99% likely to make substancial cuts in some services. They are the owners of a couple festival i've been and belive me, the organisation, bathrooms, quees and services in general are far worse than fib. Anyways, I don't expect them to win money on this edition, they are relaunching the brand and the first step is to sold out. Problably they have a good agreement with the town council in order to have the terrains cheaper with the condition of a sold out. With a low atendance the festival is just not worth it, and have the Benicàssim bussinesowners again
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