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  1. Since you guys are going with two alternating text colors I made an update to the site that lets you choose how many colors to alternate through. That way you aren't seeing two yellow names in a row every 7 band names. The background looks great btw maelzoid
  2. The website is mainly for laying out the text because I cannot use any copyrighted images. You can put any image from your computer in the background that you want, but right now it will stretch the image to fit the default poster size of 1080x1440. I'm thinking of ways to improve the custom background feature but for now you'd have to create or find a background that suits those dimensions.
  3. That is awesome Kingcrawler, happy to see someone plugging in some researched predictions!
  4. Indeed I don't want to to use any copyrighted images or fonts I don't have the license for. Right now titles etc can be added w/ the custom background option but I'm hoping to eventually add some other features to do with the background design/festival title but I'm still thinking about it.
  5. This is the website https://festivalpostergenerator.com I just added some Glasto inspired themes, check out the "English Festival" themes on the select a theme drop-down. Thought you guys might have some fun with this.
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