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  1. Well unlike a lot of festivals they have plenty of time to organise a back up plan. I'm sure theres plenty of artists eager to get back to work and make some money too.
  2. I'd be more than happy to see it postponed and wouldn't care whos playing.
  3. Thanks for this. Are you a student of can anyone get it?
  4. This will be me with Armin van Buren on spotify if this festival doesnt go ahead
  5. I'm going to change my flights to go somewhere else when its safe to do so. I'm gonna need a break after all this shite. I bought my tickets though festi ticket. I'd be happy to take a voucher off them rather than a refund.
  6. Glastonbury is canclled. Think this is a clear indication of what's coming for summer festivals. They can't take the chance to start preperations.
  7. I was curious after reading this and checked booking.com. for our hotel (orange hotel) all the room options have changed to non refundable. What a stupid more like who in their right mind will book that now.v
  8. April is very late if they are expecting people to buy tickets based on the line up. Hopefully festi ticket are right and the tickets are running low.
  9. The sooner they do it and get things under control the better. I would hope by July we will be good to go
  10. I wouldn't pay any attention to it, they are just looking for followers and we already know we cant trust anything they say. I have had 2 emails in the last few weeks from festiticket saying that the tickets for beni are running very low and get them quick. I've been buying tickets off them 5 years and it's the only festival I've got an email like that for. It makes me think they havent sold many tickets at all and they are giving it a push.
  11. Some sort of news from them this week would be great to get me back in the spirit of looking forward to it. It's all doom and gloom with festivals getting cancelled and the carona virus
  12. It's hard to tell now but we might be lucky as its later in the year
  13. Ye I would of thought they would want rid of the tickets as soon as possible and to let people make travel arrangements
  14. Any news at all now would be great. I feel like it's getting really late for announcements now
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