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  1. You're 100% right. Me and my wife was going to go from Russia and we alredy bought 2 full festivals. We both also took holidays on june to see The National and Tyler. 2 weeks passed since they posponded it. Silence is killing me.
  2. I wonder when we will be pleased with the announcement of "alternatives". how much longer should we wait?
  3. hope so. The National is my favorite band ever. And it will be the 3rd time I'm seeing them, but Massive Attack is huge value band that I have to see. also would like to see Cigarettes after sex, hope they're all playing in a different time. Me and my wife coming to Primavera for the first time. I'm feeling very excited about that.
  4. what do you think The National and Massive Attack play in the same time?
  5. so what do you think, can we expect something tomorrow? maybe teaser? this situation is really starting to annoy
  6. so they stoped selling now. what next?...
  7. and the main thing is "why?" should they stop it for so long. one day, a week as maximum.
  8. can't believe it is the end of our waiting very soon. fingers crossed for the national. saw them in november and they were just great.
  9. we hope it will be in a few days.
  10. I wounder what is the next price level. 250?
  11. For some reason, it seems to me that there will be announcements for Christmas. not for nothing that all these posts in the intagram with a Christmas tree. in any case, on January 7, a rise in price for all days of the festival and it is unlikely that by this time the line up will not be known.
  12. so as far as i can understand wristband is just nice little thing for festival fans and collectors? it’s enough for me that my ticket will be in my phone or printed on a sheet.
  13. I've never been to primavera sound before and I have a question. Just read here (https://www.primaverasound.com/en/barcelona/tickets-barcelona) "Shipping of wristbands: You will be able to ask for your wristbands to be shipped to you during the purchasing process. The cost of shipping will be 20€. We will get in touch with you from March 2020 in order to get your shipping address. The sending of wristbands will start in April 2020. Shipping only available for the European Union, the United States and Canada.". What are these wristbands? What are they needed for? Why should I pay 20 more euros? As I understand, my ticket is on DICE app on my phone, right? ("DICE protects fans and artists from touts. We’re a mobile app for iOS and Android. Tickets will be securely stored on your phone."). Could you clarify this issue please?
  14. I think Chelsea Wolfe can join. She have a new record and no Spain date in her euro tour. City and Colour. Same here: new record + no Spain date in tour. I also really counting on Frank Ocean.
  15. I would absolutely love to see the national on primavera 2020 despite the fact that I'm seeing them in three weeks.
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