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  1. Amy Covid Barrett being a twat already. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/26/us/supreme-court-coronavirus-religion-new-york.html
  2. I see Leftfield, I get excited for the split second it takes me to read 'dj set'. Every fucking time.
  3. Got an email from Songkick that had New Order, Hot Chip and Working Men's Club at Heaton Park on Friday 11 June 2021. Link is now dead and can't find any info anywhere else. Although I see Park Life is 13-14 June, could they be doing Parklife and the songkick email had the wrong date down?
  4. Yeah. Already want to change mine!
  5. Oh god, this is hard. Ok here goes: Head On/Pill The River Billabong Valley Anoxia Planet B Straws in the Wind Crumbling Castle Am I In Heaven? Robot Stop People-Vultures Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer Honourable mention to Cellophane as it was my first King Gizz experience!
  6. Aww it's a nightmare isn't it! I feel so bad for taking up extra time when the treatment room nurses are so busy as it is.
  7. Yeah it was the smaller GP surgeries and pharmacies I was thinking of, with social distancing and limiting numbers inside the room it might get cramped pretty quickly! But I guess the bigger centres that'll be set up to do the initial runs for the vulnerable and older will be well suited for that. Then when it comes to getting the rest of us done we can book in staggered slots and it won't be as much of a rush.
  8. Yep, I'm one of those fainters! A combination of vaccine fainting in school, traumatic event in my 20s requiring hospitalisation and blood transfusion = now pretty much guaranteed to faint even getting blood taken lol. I have to take my own blood pressure at home as I get white coat syndrome at the doctor's office and it always reads high ffs, I'm a disaster! So yeah I'm fully prepared to be 'that' person that turns green and faints 😅
  9. Do you have to wait around for a bit after the flu vaccine? I think I read somewhere that the coronavirus one requires you to stay for a short amount of time afterwards (15-20 mins?) so you can be monitored for immediate adverse reactions. That might slow things down a bit if it's different from the flu setup already in place.
  10. Really not enjoying the recent spate of maudlin, acoustic singer songwriter type covers of tracks that often weren't great to begin with. We've only just begun, rhythm of the night, forever young etc. See any recent Lloyds Bank advert for the latest flavour.
  11. Loving Oddlife too. Straws in the wind and Intrasport tied for favourite.
  12. Not really one for the Christmas songs but always have a jig around the living room to this at some point
  13. I'm getting to the point where I look forward to the video as much as the track.
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