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  1. Site holding up well. Boggy in places, but firm compared to 2016. Completed a full tour - from John Peel to The Temple to Pangea. Good to see the long drops; now in George & Pilgrims’.
  2. Pennard Hill - 1400hrs, 22 Feb 20 Soft with heavy in places
  3. Very useful, thanks all. We’ll definitely take wellies!
  4. Evening all, A few of us are heading down to Glastonbury at the weekend. We’re planning to walk around the site first and then enjoy some pints / dinner in town. Does anyone have any recommendations? Best pub for a pint? Easiest place to park for a site visit? Nice place for dinner? Any tips welcome! We’ll share some pics from the site afterwards.
  5. Serial forum lurker making my transition to an account. Looking forward to Carl Cox laying it down at Glade this year. Will be visiting the site a few times in the run up to June to get a feel for the state of the ground. Photos to follow.
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