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  1. Two from the stone circle 2002 or 2005
  2. Is there any chance we could stop using initials or abbreviating bands, I’ve had enough of getting caught up in Chesney Hawkes rumours.
  3. Dire Straits, with special guest Chris Rea, appearing as Dire Rea
  4. Alice Phoebe Lou. Never seen her but would love to.
  5. It was facing the second stage, probably the first bit of the fence from the car park and couldn’t be bothered walking round. I had a ticket but a few on the bus didn’t, they got in via a guy who was selling the UV stamps for £20 a go.
  6. Barry Manilow opening the Pyramid
  7. Does anyone know rough times the official buses (ticket+bus package) will run both ways? I have the Wednesday bus booked, and if I remember correctly, there were options for Wednesday or Thursday travel so I’m guessing they leave night time?
  8. 1995, pre superfence. In the first photo the girls other leg was in the clutches of security but she did make it over. The second photo was around midnight when it started raining bags, then about 20 or 30 guys made it over.
  9. 1998, torrential rain, a leaky tent and no wellies. The last photo was Tony Bennett on the main stage.
  10. What’s your method, inversion table or old fashioned handstand?
  11. Reading hopefully. I say bring back the rule about not playing two years in a row. *except for the bands I want to see that played last year.
  12. Might pop along if nothing else is on (there will be) but only because I’ve seen him headline before and I can’t imagine it’ll be a whole lot different this time, otherwise I’d definitely be there.
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