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  1. I’m going solo too. Went with my daughter in 2017 but she’s over the free ticket threshold now so I’m leaving her at home and taking my camera as my festival buddy. Im looking forward to meeting some of the peeps from here.
  2. As I’m going on my own in 2020 perhaps I should change the subject to “how to find someone else’s and tent and new friends” ?
  3. Hello I’m not in any way affiliated with the following free app but I downloaded it out of interest and think it might be perfect for logging where one leaves a tent or arranges to meet a friend. (I remember when I used to have to leave a handwritten message on the message board in the hope a passing friend would notice it and read it so the following seems pretty useful to me) the app is called WHAT3WORDS and allows you to use three words to tag gps coordinates and share them with friends or yourself. naturally if your friends are all on iOS devices you can use Find My but as this works cross-platform it might be useful. Anyway, if you have better ideas please let me know. Simon.
  4. Hi. I’ve got a ticket from Taunton on the Thursday too. Solo traveller this year. I caught it from there in 2017 on a Thursday and looking back through my messages it was at 09.15 from TA1 4AS. Hope that helps.
  5. I love walking into the theatre and circus tents, just having a look at what’s going on.
  6. Hi. I’m Simon. Off to Glastonbury 2020, going solo this year. Hoping to find an area of the festival to camp that suits a guy celebrating his 40th (+10) birthday year.
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