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  1. For those folks outside the UK, how are you managing ticket purchases? I thought festicket (example) was based in the UK, which would mean issues with purchase for EU-based purchasers, but I'm unsure.
  2. Anyone having issues with refunds? Seetickets UK are not providing any refund option currently, only a voucher or exchange for 2021 tickets. I have requested a refund, but see a chargeback in my future based on their delayed responses to date.
  3. I feel dirty. Just bought 3-day passes. I was shocked to hear the 2 recent announcements and am gambling seriously on them having some decent acts on Nos and Sagres stages to make up for those terrible announcements. Quite a gamble really. Last year bought them before any announcements and was rewarded with The Cure, Pumpkins, Grace Jones and Johnny Marr amongst many others which were great. My expectations are low at this point, particularly when they have blown so much budget on two horrendous acts. We can but hope
  4. I gather there's no actual pre-sale anywhere? many of the sites aren't even listing the ticket sale date (which is tomorrrow apparently). I really hope it's not coldplay...
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