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  1. Davidkfc

    Campervan 2020

    Thanks Vintage. I am going to be in Florida at the time but my two bro n laws will be trying for us.....hopefully. David
  2. Davidkfc

    Campervan 2020

    There are 3 couples hopefully going next year. Is it better for the 3 couples to all try at the same time to get tickets? What if we all get tickets, then that would mean 18 tickets.....or will the system just not accept that? Do you need to pay full price at the time of order on October 6th or 13th. thanks again David
  3. Davidkfc

    Campervan 2020

    Hi Guys, My Bro n law has a 10 digit registration number as do I, but my Sis n law is 9 digits. Is this common or an issue?
  4. Davidkfc

    Campervan 2020

    Thank you Penrhos. Much appreciated.
  5. Davidkfc

    Campervan 2020

    Thanks Guys, If I am bang on 9 am, what are the chances of geting tickets? What tips would you give to make sure I am well placed (Technically) to get tickets? thanks again David
  6. Davidkfc

    Campervan 2020

    Thank you everyone for your replies and advice. can anybody tell me on what date last October tickets went on sale for this year. The reason I ask, is that we have a particularly busy October this year and may be out of the country when they go on sale.
  7. Davidkfc

    Campervan 2020

    Hi Guys, My wife, her two sisters and the three husbands have decided that next year is our bucket list ‘festival ‘ at Glastonbury. We want to go in a Campervan as we are all, shall we say, over 55... Ish. This is our first time. Firstly, what are the chances of us all getting tickets? secondly, does Glastonbury have electric hookups for a 6 Berth Campervan. thanks David
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