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  1. Given the sad news about Andy Weatherall , what about a set from Bez with all Andy's remixes . Would be a brilliant tribute.
  2. First time for us , do they announce further bands in dribs and drabs over the coming months or do they have a 2nd larger announcement. Clearly headliners are established but slightly lower down the bill ?
  3. Thursday good start. Friday bit sketchy Saturday and Sunday pretty even and maybe Saturday edges it . A few additions I'm sure and all in I'm happy enough.
  4. As long as I know where he is for certain, then I can ensure I'm somewhere else 🤣🤣
  5. Alabama 3 would be a great addition to Thursday to get party started 👍
  6. Would be a decent replacement though personally having seen The Hives at Electric Fields 2 yrs ago it would be good to see someone else.
  7. So no Dizzee, was he planned for the Thursday? Can't see the original announcement. Saw him headline Wickerman a few years ago and despite his music being miles away from my taste he was tremendous live. I suppose that's one of the best things about festivals, seeing artists you wouldn't dream of. Hopefully his replacement is decent.
  8. Stranglers , Shame , Fat White Family, Neon Waltz, Chemical Brothers and Underworld. 😃
  9. Cheers mate. Anyone know if there will be additions to the line up?
  10. I have had letter from my credit card company saying i will be refunded. Real shame it's gone but they signed their own death warrant moving to Glasgow and apparently they sold a grand total of 80 tickets for SW3 !!!
  11. All, Couldn't see a listing for 2019 so thought I would start one. Basically looking for any tips for this festival as its our first visit. Coming for the 3 days and arriving on the Thursday. Where to camp, what time are bands on from Thursday any other do`s and don't`s cheers
  12. Btw they lost £300k last year so I reckon it's not going to happen again
  13. Festival is finished in my opinion. Utter bollocks to change it like this. It's not a festival now it's a series of gigs that we don't know who's playing on each day or when it starts or finishes. We can't camp so need to travel or find accommodation both options being vastly more expensive than the refund. Just cancel the whole thing.
  14. It's all a bit quiet on the line up announcements isn't it. Thought there would have been a lot more by now particularly given the festival is only 11 weeks away.
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