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  1. Hello! New to the forum and really surprised I could not find a Dimensions topic. I had a question so figured I'd start one? let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. My girlfriend and I are new to festivals. I've only been to one and she has been to none. Very excited to have out tickets early for Dimensions 2021. Fingers crossed the world is in a good place for it to still happen. I was wondering - the festivals says that if we stay on site they require to take the passport of one guest and hold onto it for the duration of our stay. This make my GF and I very unea
  2. Cool Patrick! Keep in touch if you do end up going alone, perhaps we can connect!
  3. Hellooooooo! I've lurked here on and off for the past few years but mostly stayed away because life events have restricted me from going to Glastonbury and the FOMO hurts badly. HOWEVER. I have committed myself to doing everything I can to go to Glastonbury 2020. It will be my first Glastonbury and I will be attending totally SOLO. (Of course, if the ticket Gods bless me so). First step was joining the fray. Hello everyone.
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