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  1. The talk of postponing until September seems wild. Nobody knows how long this is going to last for, but I doubt they would risk having it only 3 months later than currently planned. Couple that with having to fit it in with all the artists schedules - the most logical plan, in my very limited opinion, would be to postpone until 2021, ask the same artists if they can play, and go from there. I’ve got a ticket so would love it if they would allow me to keep it for 2021, but right now it all feels very insignificant. I’ve also got to see if I can get a £500 campervan deposit back!
  2. I hope you’re right, but from reading certain articles there is a major concern that when they do reopen the country there will be a large rise in people catching it again.
  3. All sporting events cancelled in Italy now until April 3rd.
  4. Did you get any Editors info? Hadn’t realised they were that strongly rumoured until I read a few bits on here a few days ago.
  5. I was surprised how banging it was! Expected a few somber numbers but it was just banger after banger.
  6. So, how do I put my name down to help?
  7. Would be made up with an Editors headline slot somewhere, went to see them in Manchester last weekend and they were brilliant.
  8. I had a halloumi burrito from this place last year, stupidly didn’t get the name or take any photos but it was that good I went back twice.
  9. Keep an eye on your emails on the days leading up to your flight too, my last 2 flights with Emirates on an A380 I’ve been offered Business for just over £200 pp. Cannot express how good it is - a full pod thing to yourself that collapses into a proper bed, it’s a game changer on long haul flights. Oh and there’s a full on bar upstairs that is all a bit surreal. Not sure if you’ll be in the right state for the bottomless ale after your week on the farm though.
  10. matthewj4659

    2020 headliners

    Philip *Glass Emma *Stone Chuck *Berry
  11. matthewj4659

    2020 headliners

    Has there been anything to back up the Kendrick stuff, or is it just rumours currently? The Swifty rumours have some sort of credence with her tour and mention of festivals.
  12. matthewj4659

    2020 headliners

    I’d like that to be true, but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a band headlining?
  13. Does anybody know if it’s possible to buy 2 camper tickets once you get through? Group of 6 of us need 2 camper tickets, so it would be nice knowing only 1 of us needs to get through.
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