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    It was up on the Wednesday, looked brilliant but with the fire and high winds I think it definitely had the potential to be very dangerous!
  2. matthewj4659


    We paid £1100 for 6 days this year. That was a 6 berth camper (1 king size, 1 double & 2 bunk beds). Full shower, working kitchen etc. Wouldn't do it any other way now!
  3. Just been the taphouse, mainly real ales there sadly. After a nice selection of IPA’s but looking less likely sadly. Thankfully got a few Tiny Rebels to had today. Will not give up the search.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, will post in here if I find anything myself too. Lovely day ahead.
  5. Hi all - long time lurker and first time Glastonbury goer here. Up in the west campervan site so been here 48 hours now, really enjoying our time here! I don’t suppose anyone could point me in the direction of anywhere selling any craft beers on site at all? Thinking along the lines of Beavertown/Northern Monk/Cloudwater/Magic Rock types? Obviously brought plenty with us but would be nice to be able to get a cold can/pint somewhere when we are out and about. Any help much appreciated.
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