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  1. BBC News - Hinds: The band who answered The Strokes' last-minute call https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51571485 Just spotted on BBC news so thought I'd share 😀...
  2. Nice one! I could never get that discount code to work and ended up booking Ryanair
  3. Camelphat would be another good headliner for The Loop.
  4. Flume looked amazing at WHP19. Missed out there. Are there any rumors behind this?
  5. Arcade Fire would be a great choice and mentioned a few times before on here.
  6. Just to got off topic slightly from the guessing games.... spotted today that Peggy Gou, Octo Octa and Nina Kraviz are all in the top 10 DJs of the year according to Mixmag. All three will be at Mad Cool next year. https://mixmag.net/feature/the-top-10-djs-of-the-year-2019 It's fair to say I'll be spending some time in the Loop
  7. Wishful thinking me thinks but would be amazing. They are awesome live.
  8. Despite the deceptive name they are indeed double the size.
  9. Ah yes... the Kalimotxo... I remember it well!
  10. I'm sure it is yes. You can always email them, they are quite good at responding back I found. Out of interest, what are the VIP extras this year?
  11. This did happen to a few people but you can get them from the front of the festival too. So there's no problem there.
  12. I got a wristband and I booked through festicket in 2019.
  13. Not sure Ticketmaster cheaper is it? Just had a quick check and it looked more expensive.
  14. So I got my tickets via festicket. A little slow but all confirmed. 2020 here we come!
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