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  1. Aroseey

    Big Tent

    Hi! Over the weekend I thought I'd try out my tent that my mum gave me for Glastonbury, she told me it was a 6 man which would have been fine for the five of us that are going! However when unpacking the tent it turns out its an eight man! I don't have any time to pick up anything smaller, will this size tent be ok? We're not fussed about being in the busy campsites and are happy to go somewhere a little further out. Where would you recommend camping with this size tent? We hope to arrive at around 5/6am Wednesday. Thank you!
  2. I'm the same! I'm the only one in my group of five that has gone before so I'm organising everyone and making sure people know what time we're leaving and what to pack etc!
  3. Aroseey

    Vegan Traders

    This is making me so excited! Vegan fried chicken! I feel like I'm going to be spoiled for choice! My first glastonbury as a vegetarian!
  4. Have managed to get it in a garage today, fingers crossed it will be sorted by this evening so driving to Glasto will be A ok again!
  5. I know this has been talked about a lot, but how confident are we that Foals is the TBA on Saturday in the Park? Want to know beforehand obviously as Lizzo is playing on West Holts at the same time! Foals over Lizzo for me, but dont want to go to the Park for it not to be them and miss Lizzo!
  6. I'm feeling exactly the same. First time at glastonbury with friends not family so feeling extremely stressed. Had a very stressful week and to top it off, my car (that I was due to drive to glastonbury in on wednesday morning) broke down yesterday! Have packed everything and my car has gone in for repairs, however I feel I will not be stress free until I manage to get my car fixed and to the festival.
  7. Got my last minute bits, packed my bag...and my car broke down! Excellent timing of course!
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