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  1. You don't even really get tent burning at Leeds anymore. Think that stopped a couple years after it moved from Temple Newsam
  2. I'm honestly not expecting a big secret set this year. Think they've probably blown their budget on the artists they've actually announced, i'll be very surprised if anyone of note plays
  3. Hi Ali, Set times are now live so I'd recommend downloading the app. There's a handy little clashfinder on there and they'll even send notifications before the band starts
  4. Hi Issy, If you're talking about the late night stuff in the campsite then no you don't need a separate ticket
  5. Hi Kyle, I believe you're talking about the ones you can get in the supermarket these days. Yes, these are absolutely fine
  6. Obviously no one here can make guarantees. There is always the chance you'll get some meathead police reject that follows the letter of the law. However.... Speaking from my experience, the vast majority of staff are volunteers. It's a festival! no one is looking to spoil your fun. If you were unlucky enough to be caught the most likely outcome is they'll confiscate it and send you on you're way. I'd be very very surprised if you were denied entry over a bit of weed
  7. Hi Paddy, Foos will likely play until 10:30/11:00. After that there is plenty of night time entertainment which runs until about 4am. Most of this is in the campsite (Relentless, Silent Disco, Picadilly etc) You won't have any problem sticking around if you're not quite finished! I know plenty of people that have stayed over on day tickets, once you're in the campsite no one will check your wristband just bare in mind once you leave the arena you won't be able to re enter. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi there, 1. Arena opens at 11am each day with the first act starting at 12pm. I'd have a think about what you want to see before you go and you'll know what time you need to be getting to the stages. The curfew at Leeds is 11pm for the live acts but as you said there are late night events going on all evening until about 4am. 2. It isn't hard, be creative with where you hide it. There are dogs on site these days so just something to be aware of. If you do get caught, own up to it and you're likely just to have it confiscated and get a slap on the wrist, doubt they'll deny you entry over a bit of weed. 3. Depends who you ask, most people who want a good lively campsite would swear on either Red or Orange, but Purple is good if you want a slightly quieter nights sleep. I've gone Red every year I've been and had a great time. 4. Cash or Card I believe, no coupons or charging wristbands like you get at 2000 trees etc. If you're staying the weekend I'd probably recommend a locker and leave your card and valuables in there and just take enough cash with you for the day into the arena. You won't need ID as you get an 18+ wristband to prove your age, however some of the tobacco shops/ private vendors don't accept this weirdly enough. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi there Lilster, The arena usually opens from about 11:00 with the first acts starting at 12:00. I'd probably aim to get to site for 11:00/11:30 if it's your first time to give yourself opportunity to find your bearings. You'll have to walk through the campsite to get to the arena and depending on which entrance you come through this can be quite a sizeable walk. Hope this helps!
  10. Hi Jamie, There's nothing to worry about, the staff on the gates are mainly volunteers and no one is there to spoil your fun. As long as you don't look 8 and you're not trying to buy alcohol you won't get ID'd getting into the festival Have a great weekend!
  11. Yeah I agree, That was an odd choice to announce them so late as they would have been a ticket seller. The atmosphere definitely suffered as a result for their performance which was a massive shame.
  12. I can only speak for Leeds, they always advertise that the doors open at 2pm but they always cave and open early. I got into Leeds at 10am last year. I think they say that just so everyone doesn't come at the crack of dawn.
  13. I think it's pretty nailed on as Biffy or Catfish tbh. I'd be happy with either
  14. Yeah I can see now, must have been looking at an older poster. given the circumstances, good riddance
  15. Has he actually been removed? as far as I can see he's still on the bill and he's still playing shows.
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