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  1. Yeah I agree, That was an odd choice to announce them so late as they would have been a ticket seller. The atmosphere definitely suffered as a result for their performance which was a massive shame.
  2. I can only speak for Leeds, they always advertise that the doors open at 2pm but they always cave and open early. I got into Leeds at 10am last year. I think they say that just so everyone doesn't come at the crack of dawn.
  3. I think it's pretty nailed on as Biffy or Catfish tbh. I'd be happy with either
  4. Yeah I can see now, must have been looking at an older poster. given the circumstances, good riddance
  5. Has he actually been removed? as far as I can see he's still on the bill and he's still playing shows.
  6. I was surprise that they were so high when first announced and had never previously listened to them properly. Now that I have though I’m delighted they’ll get a decent set length at a decent hour as they’re ace. Edited 4 hours ago by Benj They've been a big name in that particular scene for a very long time although I was surprised to see them this high up. Not because they aren't big enough, because clearly they have a very big following. I didn't think they had an enormous amount of appeal for the general public for them to be considered a ticket seller... I enjoy them though so I'm happy for the longer set
  7. I've been to Leeds festival 10 times now and never once been asked for my ID when handing in my ticket. I think you'll be fine, if not just wait a while and go in through another gate. Once you've got your wristband your in the clear.
  8. So the 2019 Dance to the Radio has been announced. Easy Life and Indoor Pets are the stand outs for me Thursday night is looking like a decent evening now!! very happy, what does everyone think?
  9. Red in leeds always was a good middle ground between lively but still being able to sleep. The last few years it's gotten a bit much though, not sure if its because I'm getting older or if more and more of the idiots are starting to camp in red (closest to the raves). This year I'll stay in Red but further away from Relentless if it's as bad as it was last year I'll consider moving to Blue or Purple
  10. Depends what you mean by near the stage, if you mean front row you have no chance unless you go when doors open and don't go pee for 12 hours!! If you just mean a good spot then you should be able to achieve this fairly comfortably, always start from the sides and work your way in. Don't go from the back
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