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  1. Well my coach leaves Leicester at 5:30 am on Wednesday morning so probably around 11am but who knows with the Glastonbury traffic?
  2. My friend is quite a small girl, as am I. She definitely wouldn’t be able to carry my stuff as well as her own. What we would gain by going in a car is we could take a trailer so she can pull both our bags along and have breaks.
  3. My friend also has a coach ticket so that won’t work. You have to be on the coach to get your ticket.
  4. I have a coach ticket running from Leicester, however I have broken my foot, i'm on crutches and have a surgical boot fitted. Because you don't get your ticket until you get on the coach I am stuck with having to travel by coach which is an issue as I will not be able to carry my luggage, so will need to bring a trailer or something to help me, as well as a chair. Being on a coach you are limited to the amount of luggage you can carry, so I really need to travel by car instead with my friend who also has a coach ticket. I have contacted the access people but they stopped replying to me basically saying there's nothing they can do to help and that I have to travel by coach. Has anyone got any advice, it will be greatly appreciated?!
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