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  1. Hks98

    2020 LINE UP??

    Great thank you!
  2. I can't remember the time this years lineup came out? Any ideas when we will know whos on 2020 KC ?
  3. Do you normally get one sent out with tickets? Or get one when you get there?
  4. I spoke with ticketline last week as i had a problem with my tickets and they advised the tickets get sent out in batches and should have them by the end of this week.
  5. Hks98

    First KC

    HA HA love it, thank you! Do they search you when arriving at KC in general?
  6. Hks98


    Im staying in general camping this year just wondering if there are any showers?
  7. Hks98

    First KC

    How easy is it to sneak drink into the area?
  8. We bought the monthly payment plan and the final payment was supposed to come out yesterday 03/07. Although, it hasn't been deducted from the account - there is more than enough money in there for the final payment to come out. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem? I have contacted ticketline via email however they havent responded yet. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. Hks98

    First KC

    As this is my first year at KC I just have a couple questions.. I’m trying to bring as little as possible I’ve read that there’s food stalls etc but is there enough to keep us going if we don’t actually bring any food ourselves? Is the silent disco on at the woodlands stage every night? If so what time does this roughly start? And what is the best time to arrive on Friday morning to get a good spot in great Holmes?
  10. Fab thanks for the tips! We are 22 and 28 so still want a party!
  11. Hey, this will be my first festival (ive never really been a fan, however im feeling it and really fancy KC this year) I was just wondering if anyone would give me a few tips. I originally thought we would stay in wolf woods, we are young and like a good party, however i have read some awful things about this part. Is there another area which is still pretty lively but doesnt sound hideous HA! Any other dos and donts would be mega helpful!
  12. Are these still available?
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