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  1. Hi all, We’re staying in tangerine fields this year for the first time and just had a few questions as first timers. 1. How far is it from the tangerine fields car park to the campsite? 2. Will I be able to come and go from the car park? Need to go to work on Friday. 3. How far is it to walk from the tangerine fields campsite to the festival entrance? Any other advice would be gratefully received! Thanks
  2. Bless you, that’s slightly rubbish that you can’t come until Saturday but you’re right, it’s better than not coming at all. I’m the same, can’t take any time off but my KS lead is letting me go a little bit early so I can beat the Somerset traffic!
  3. Not exactly the comment I was looking for but thanks for wasting your time replying ?
  4. Excellent news! We’ve got tangerine fields car park passes too. Fingers crossed I can run out a bit earlier!!
  5. Hi all, I’m BEYOND excited to be attending Glasto this year. It’s literally been my dream for years, but having the job I do means I can’t arrive until Friday afternoon. We’ve booked tangerine fields so we don’t need to worry about pitching a tent but we wondered how bad the traffic might be around 3-4pm? TIA
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