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  1. H2bH2

    Hitchin Hill loo

    Thanks for the loo tip ?☺
  2. H2bH2

    Hitchin Hill loo

    Good to know. Thanks for the replies ?
  3. What's the loo situation around Hitchin Hill/Lime Kiln campsites? Looking on the map there doesn't seem to be any that close, or is it not too much of a trek? Ta muchly
  4. We should be arriving early wed morn. Good to know we can head to whichever gate. Many thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated ☺️
  5. First time to Glastonbury and have a quick gate accessing question. We'll be driving to the west side car parks and the campsite we're aiming for is near to gate A. When you park up (wherever you've been directed to) do you just then head to your chosen gate or do some carparks prohibit this, for example orange area means and you would be able to go in gate D only? Many thanks for any replies.
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