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  1. Same! Being the organiser is stressful but the more people the bigger place we can split. No it's just a random Bichon 😂
  2. Thanks! I still need to wait for everyone in our group to confirm but will be useful to accurately know what's available/prices.
  3. I might be being dumb but my air BnB app only lets me book a year in advance so only shows up to 2nd June 2021 as of today how can I book from 2nd June forwards? Ditto on Kim!
  4. Jarvis Cocker did last year 😃
  5. Phoebe is touring with The 1975 over primavera 👎😕 just announced yesterday
  6. Scratch that she's in the US supporting Harry Styles over Eotr ?
  7. Seds


    I first got into Lizzo after "Good as Hell" was used as a lip sync song on drag race, she was there but not performing it so the music was what got me into her.
  8. Could Jenny Lewis make a return it's been a few years? Would love Fruitbats too!
  9. Would love Sleater-Kinney, I think Better Oblivion might be done for a bit as Phoebe is finishing her new album? Phoebe solo though could be a winner! Late night Grimes set would be enjoyable, don't think she's as great live as on record but would definitely be there.
  10. Seds


    I actually forgot to pack my coat might just invest in a snazzy jumper from that vintage stand!
  11. Out of office on in 15 mins then the best time of the year (OK maybe matched with primavera) can begin ?
  12. End of the road is the only festival I've never had that moment where I think "ill never find a space!" & everything is in a short walking distance.
  13. Managed to get more friends to come 2017 after raving about it and having a smaller group 2015 & 2016. Tried to get everyone to come see jeffrey lewis on the garden stage but they all went back the tent to mope ? that sunday rain put them off so much it was just the 2 of us last year and this but we were rewarded for sticking it out with glorious sunshine! Can't wait for the times to get planning!
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