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  1. Yeah exactly. It's not like they're up against All Time Low/Bullet/NOFX or anything either, it's essentially a half hour set on a fairly small stage early in the day, and it's basically a bonus band. I think Slam Dunk messed up overselling it lmao, they must have seen everyone guessing ADTR and BMTH and thought "we may have made a mistake here".
  2. Yeah true. Listening to a bit of Busted now, and I'm actually on board with this. Hopefully everyone else sees the fun side of it, can't wait to mosh to Year 3000 and Air Hostess. Just gonna be good fun
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/matt__kean/status/1130191374777761794 I think that all but confirms it's not BMTH. Unless he's lying, but seems genuine.
  4. I'll probably be going to see it regardless as it's exactly where my band gap is. It'd be daft if it was someone like Busted or 21 Pilots - I know they fit some of the target audience but they're so controversial - risk getting a negative reaction; particularly if people are going in hoping it's ADTR or BMTH and end up with Busted. Hopefully it's good though, they've done a top job building the hype for it.
  5. It says on the Tweet "On their last UK Headline tour they were playing in arenas" so they should be a headline arena band.
  6. I know some people think it'll be a walkout, but I remember Leeds fest when QoTSA did a secret set, the Twitter page gave a massive clue that basically guaranteed it being them(think they said "No One Knows who our secret set is this year" or something) so I hope they do that. Something like "All Signs Point to the Key Club stage for our secret headliner" for ADTR or "No-one can Dethrone this years secret headliner" for BMTH would be well good. Perhaps slightly better than my examples given but you know what I mean...
  7. This is copypasta'd from my reddit account so sorry if some of this has been said already. Right, done a bit of research on who it could be: The requirements are: Never played Slam Dunk, last UK tour was headline arenas. Bring Me The Horizon - Playing R1 big weekend the same day. These are my personal guess, they fit the bill and it would explain why they're okay to play so early. A Day To Remember - God, I really hope it is them. It could potentially be them, their US tour doesn't start until June and the 10 years since Homesick would be such a brilliant selling point. Also just realized that the supports for this tour, Knocked Loose and Boston Manor, are both doing SD. However, they aren't scheduled to be in the country and it seems a long way to go for Slam Dunk. 21 Pilots and Busted are the other 2 that fit the bill, 21 pilots are in the exact position as BMTH. A bit controversial for Slam Dunk in terms of music genre, particularly 21 Pilots. A couple of rule outs: People on Twitter were suggesting Breaking Benjamin. It ain't, they're in the US at a festival called 'Ticket to Rock' apparently. Simple Creatures also mentioned and initially assumed, but unless they were lying about headlining arena tours (or being clever because Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth *technically* have done with separate bands), it's not them. Paramore also, but they've played Slam Dunk before. Not them. Well, apparently I'm completely wrong and it's gonna be Breaking Benjamin. Going to leave this up so we can all laugh at the wasted research I just did.
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