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  1. Weezer are playing in Ohio on the Sunday, surely rules them out of playing the Saturday?
  2. They confirmed it 6 days ago, things don't change that quick!
  3. Shikari have confirmed they aren't doing any UK festivals this year
  4. Slaves sadly aren't doing anything this year for personal reasons. Cancelled their whole UK tour in December and then said they won't be able to reschedule it.
  5. Last year, the Post Malone day sold out about 2 weeks before the festival. The other 2 days still hadn't sold out at that point. Post Malone, Billie Eilish and AJ Tracey all being on the same day and all being massively popular with the main demographic of Leeds fest would have helped sell out that day. Doesn't look like any of the days in 2018 sold out. I'd think the majority of people going to Friday this year will be going solely for RATM, and anybody else would be a bonus since the undercard isn't that great and doesn't really appeal to RATM fans (in my opinion anyway). Since most Rag
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