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  1. Does anyone have any experience getting from Castle Cary to the campsite on Tuesday evening? I've read that the shuttle bus doesn't start till Wednesday, so I was wondering if anyone knew: - Do a lot of people get in on late trains on Tuesday? (around 10:30pm) - Is there an active taxi rank at that time? - If it's not that busy, is it possible to pre-book a taxi to meet me the station? I typically drive and aim to arrive around 2am to get a good spot in the queue, but I'm getting a lift back with someone who's not arriving till the Friday this year so have to work out my own route there, and so I was wondering if arriving via train on Tuesday was doable? Cheers
  2. Thank you all for your help - The parking tickets definitely disappeared off the site yesterday but that may have been during the chaos of everyone trying to get re-sale! I just assumed they were still sold out today. Probably should have checked haha
  3. Ahh amazing! Thank you. All booked
  4. A group of 4 of us managed to get tickets in the resale yesterday morning but were unable to get a car parking ticket. 3 of us are fine with public transport, but the 4th member of our group is a teacher and so can only travel up on Friday afternoon, and also has to leave Sunday night. This was already going to be a pain by car but makes it basically not worth coming if she had to do all the travelling by train (we're coming from Southeast London). Is there any chance she'd be able to pay on the door the official car park on the Friday when there's likely no queues? Or does anyone have any experience using any other roads/car parks in the surrounding area that are say a cab ride away from the Campsite drop off point? Thanks!
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