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  1. wingnut2711


    Apologies, I probably didn't word that particularly well. The sound was good but when you're a bit back the wind deflected it quite a lot and it didn't seem to have the punch to carry it forward. Didn't mean it as a dig against the stage crews as they do an amazing job. Just feel if they had some intermediates the sound already has a bit of a head start towards the back.
  2. wingnut2711


    Thought a few of the stages had some sound issues this year, mainly down to wind but some just didn't seem to have the volume. I assume there are stipulations on volumes and bleed to other stages but do you think The Other stage and West Holts would benefit from some intermediate speaker stacks like those on the pyramid? Maybe even one set just behind the sound stage. Appreciate the fields are not quite as big so not suggesting the same scale but just something to push the sound back. Also wonder if they could put a couple of small stacks outside of JP and there are quite a few gigs were JP is at capacity and scores of people are outside, at least then they could have a party outside? On the same kind of point I did think there were a lot of smaller stage battle offs this year. Was trying to catch a gig at Croissant Neuf but there was so much bleed from the bandstand directly outside and another stage near it all sounded a bit of a mess at points.
  3. wingnut2711

    The Streets

    I actually think musically they are very good. The band were spot on and MS is a very clever man. Plenty of big acts out there without the best vocal performance but its all about how the music affect you. I got pretty centre of the JP tent. Could have been right near the front but being 6'3 I opted to stay back a bit as I knew it would go off and was feeling a tad delicate by then 😂😂 I loved the gig but came across some some less that nice people at this one. First time in 5 years I was made to feel uncomfortable by a group of people but tried to zone out and enjoyed it. Enough time to find all my lot for the Cure encore too so a great end to the festival.
  4. Stayed there the last 4 and again this year. You do get a TG wristband and the main Glastonbury one. Just show your TG wristband to get in and out and as above always have your ticket and get a pass out when you leave site to get back in. No lockups. There is a small shelter next to where the hair dryer station is that I believe has power but no where you can leave unattended. It is a fair walk when you've decided you've had enough for a bit which is obviously worse depending on weather. I'd say 10 mins to the Pyramid at a reasonable pace and a bit longer back when you're either inebriated or knackered! I have never seen a shuttle bus that does that trip or as above would actually be of any benefit. It is good though, never really had any problems there. Bit of advice, as soon as you wake up walk directly to the showers or have one late at night because once everyone has come around it is very busy (although reasonably fast moving) I prefer an 2am one but have crashed a few times, got up early and had one, by the time i've done that and grabbed a coffee the queue is pretty long. Enjoy!
  5. Blondie on the Other definitely, just couldn't move anywhere after they finished, just mass crowds shuffling. 2017 I thought I'd pop my head into Busted on Avalon for a craic and ended up leaving after one song, was crazy! Also felt St Paul and the Broken Bones were a waste on the Other, if the weather was better and the mud less maybe they would have got a bigger crowd but was very disappointed for them.
  6. Sorry that would have been me, had never really had much interest. Absolutely loved him and had a ball though, been to see him a few times since so a huge unexpected treat for me.
  7. wingnut2711

    Emotional Moments

    Apart from the screen that says 'you're order has been confirmed' (the best feeling ever!!) I would say Elbow on the Pyramid a few years back. It had been a shitty weather day and although not a particular Elbow fan I decided to give them a go, Guy did a speech about people saying 'glad I'm not there this year the weather is awful ha ha ha ha ha!' and played One Day Like This as the sun peaked through and it was glorious, was a real highlight for me.
  8. Thanks all for the input, very much appreciated. Far from rude so I'll carry on as I am and be as considerate as I can. Maybe get myself a t-shirt printed for a crack too (so rock and roll it hurts)
  9. Genius! My second year I did have a t-shirt made by my mates that had 'meeting place' on it as I was the only one they could all see.
  10. I have tried that but they are generally in large groups too which then causes our shorties issues 🤣, in fairness our group just gets on with it or moves, plus once everyone is getting into the gig and are not just standing still the atmosphere is more important.
  11. I get what you're saying and I tend not to worry around the large stages it's more John Peel, Avalon, Acoustic etc where it is confined and flat.
  12. wingnut2711

    Us Tall People

    Hi Everyone, 4th time at the festival this year and cannot wait for this one, been an interesting two years since the last one so in desperate need to get to the fields! Wondering what all the fellow tall people do to ensure they don't ruin others enjoyment? I'm 6'2" and try to be as considerate as I can but always end up blocking someones view, I have no issue standing out the way when I'm on my own but when I'm with my group of friends which includes some vertically challenged people I also want to stay with them. Quite often I hear 'brilliant, that me not seeing a thing' and end up feeling guilty as the show goes on and slope away. I'm not someone who walks in front of people and will always fill up in one of the clear areas but as it starts to fill obviously end up with people behind. I'll often say 'if i'm in your way just move me to one side or give me a nudge and I'll move where I can' but that always ends up with me in front of someone else 🤦‍♂️ This time I want to enjoy a guilt free festival without taking enjoyment from others, and input?? Marc
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