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  1. aww brilliant! I am so glad they have allowed the time for her, I may try a similar approach for the boys school xx
  2. did you write in depth about the festival? ? I am still in two minds, my boys are still at primary but I have never lied about them being off, my eldest will have finished his SATs by the time Glasto comes around but I am worried about the fine element, although I am sure they can't fine for under 5 days?
  3. thank you so much for all your amazing, detailed and reassuring reply! sorry for the delay I've been away from work. Loving all the tips and advice ?
  4. So we were lucky enough to get tickets to Glastonbury this year, not only is it our 1st time at Glastonbury it is our 1st festival ever and we are taking the kids! Nothing like jumping in at the deep end! Our son starts high school this time so we are trying to give him one last summer of fun before the teenage drudgery starts. Anyway, we have absolutely no idea what to expect, I have spent the last few months of my life trying to get an idea, but blogs and websites swing from the going with the flow to getting your tent slashed and implying we'll all get mugged at some point... people who I have spoken to who have been before have never taken kids so they can only really relate tales of being off their tumblers on drugs or drink So far through the power of google and this forum we have worked out we are best arriving on Tuesday night ready to queue Wednesday morning at the Purple car park and camp in Cockmil Meadow to be near to the KidzField... it's a start ? my kids ( 9 & 10) are pretty open minded and easy going, although I am under no disillusions that they won't still fall out and manage to find some kind of thing to throw a hissy fit about at least once. We have all gone through the current lineup and surprisingly picked most of the same people we want to see which is good, none of us are all that bothered about any of the headliners which might work out well for exploring when it isn't as busy? Am I kidding myself with this?? So here goes... Are there places off-limits to kids? a lot of stuff speaks like you already in the know, I am guessing the naughty corner is a big no with the kids (which is a shame as it sounds right up my street) Can we feed a family of 4 without needing to selling a kidney each? .Crafts, stalls and the like... what kind of prices and activities are we looking at? Our youngest is currently fixated on arts and crafts, I've read there is plenty of activities in the KidzField, does anyone have an idea what like? Are the vendors outside of the kidzField well priced? Is camping in the family field as squished as the google images idea of Glastonbury camping? Is it safe to let the kids explore the KidzField alone, or anywhere really (probably not the naughty corner) I obviously don't mean ditch them in the KidzFeild and bugger off, but could they pop in and out if we are at the camp having a brew or is that a recipe for being sold into child labour? Are there really kids only toilets in the KidzField? To be honest I am not even sure what I should be asking or thinking about ?
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