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  1. Announcement is tomorrow, Caspian have just announced a London show for the Wednesday before the fest so imagine that means they play/possibly headline
  2. Harmlessness is on my top 10 albums of the decade so would also secure my ticket. As for the last clue, is there any news if Mars Volta are actually returning? If not are Isis/Celestial back yet?
  3. Peter Framptons final world tour is coming to europe next June, not sure if he is a big enough headline draw these days? But could possibly be main support for someone else of the ilk?
  4. Aerosmith and Pearl Jam are booked for Wayne stock so would say PJ
  5. Their insta page just posted a For Fans Of section, Saturday contains And So I Watch You From Afar
  6. Mogwai are in Glasgow the night before, are we ruling them out?
  7. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard announced
  8. This Town Needs Guns just announced. Fest just does not let up. Constant great announcements
  9. Mogwai are playing Glasgow on August 16th. Money is on them
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