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  1. He's totally not my cup of tea, so hopefully it's someone else!
  2. Bit of an open ended question, so many factors. Hostel/hotel? How long stay? Restaurants/self-cooking/street food etc etc etc, I'm staying for the full thing and 14 nights and for 2 of us I'd expect the lot to cost in excess of £5000 to be perfectly honest, that's with hotel, travel, tickets, food, alcohol. Probably more actually.
  3. Do people expect different names if they manage to pull it off?
  4. The only issue now is my partners holidays getting approved as most of her colleagues are already off! Surely they'll accept the extreme circumstances.
  5. Thanks I just booked in the SB Diagonal Zero for cheaper than my original booking in the vincci bit, hopefully this turns out to be true!
  6. When do we expect the full line-up to be released?
  7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Radiohead... 😂 That would be a dream!
  8. Change of price on Wednesday... Line up announcement will probably follow.
  9. The Weeknd is ruled out as he's touring North America over Mad Cool weekend.
  10. Anyone reckon Dua Lipa will get announced, she's definitely big enough to headline now and she's free in July... Her set would bang to be fair.
  11. Would love to see the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's announced!
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