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  1. I reckon theyre just up there until the third headliner is announced... any chance we get Royal Blood from today's Mad Cool announcement?
  2. They are both unavailable that weekend so nevermind...
  3. So Foals are definitely headliners of their day. Missing just one now... My guess is The Killers
  4. Would make sense. Any ideas as to who could headline this?
  5. Still missing two headliners, probably will be announced when Mad Cool announces its remaining two headliners (The Strokes?!)
  6. I didn't see that. Why would they not post it on all their social media? Regardless, still only 1 headliner announced. Shaping up to be a great lineup!
  7. According to backstage Portugal, The Neighbourhood has been confirmed for the 18th of July in Palco EDP... Not officially announced by SBSR but usually a good source
  8. Turns out Foals are not headliners.... Interesting, points to one thing: The Strokes!!!!
  9. They will most probably be co-headlining with a DJ act kinda thing, like Justice after The XX in 2018 and Disclosure after Migos last year
  10. They are headlining/co-headlining a couple of festivals the size of sbsr, so might be, we could expect a strong sub for that day
  11. A$AP Rocky confirmed, missing one headliner now
  12. I don't think Phoenix has the same exclusivity that The Strokes have...
  13. I don't think that The Strokes will ever play at NOS Alive, it seems that Super Bock Super Rock have an exclusivity with The Strokes and their agent in general, their shows in Portugal were always at sbsr, The Voidz played sbsr back in 2018, and last year it was Phoenix who have the same agent as The Strokes...
  14. is stormzy the most realistic option for hip hop headline?
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