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  1. I’m lucky in that I’ll go with the flow. I’ve only heard of a handful of acts.
  2. Volunteers have had a ban on posting photos on social media before its open to the public.
  3. App due out later today.
  4. Jarr


    What time do the fireworks usually start on the Wednesday night?
  5. Jarr


    Dan bailey won the first to get it on here competition. Well done mate. 🥇
  6. Or Friday to chat in the evening. Or is it out and we’ve missed it.
  7. Beat hotel today according to Glasto thingy it’s on beats website saying line up today.
  8. Jarr

    The killers setlist

    Looking at their recent setlists there doesn’t seem to be any pattern. Can anyone shed a light on it?
  9. Jarr

    2019 Crew Map

    Anyone got 2017 or previous years?
  10. Damn. Look cool mind. The Glastonbury official ones have steep p@p
  11. If anyone wants my GoOutdoors card number to use feel free to message me.
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