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  1. So despite Labour taking an absolute tanking last night Corbyn was still, when interviewed today, none commital about a 2nd referendum. Conservatives on the other hand will likely take their own tanking last night as a message that they need to get a more passionate Brexitor as leader. If we are heading towards a Boris vs Corbyn snap Autumn general election and Corbyn still refuses to commit to a position, then I really fear a huge Tory landslide.
  2. Miley is definitely my biggest must see of the weekend so far. Regardless of what you think of her music (I personally think she has at least 5 great pop tracks) you know she will put on an entertaining show. Judging by her Twitter I think she will buy into the ethos of the festival and be thrilled to be there. Exactly the type of American act we want coming over to the farm!
  3. Only really been following Glastonbury lineups since 2015 but it’s the best one out of the four years so far for me. (And I will not be going anywhere near the Pyramid headliners) Already a good ten names I’d be interested in seeing and with so much more of the lineup still to come, it’s looking like there’s going to be a lot of brutal clashes. Not really sure what big name snubs there are that people were expecting apart from maybe Childish Gambino?
  4. Jordan1471

    2019 Headliners

    Coming from a selfish thought process the (rumoured) headline trio is good for me as I believe it will give me a great chance in the resale. I do think the Killers & Cure will end up being well received when they actually perform, but I can’t see there being too many casuals chomping at the bit to get a ticket following their announcements in the same way as for Ed in 2017, Adele in 2016 and Macca would have attracted this year. (Or Gaga) I’d be spending all three nights away from the Pyramid but would harbour no ill will against the organisers for what is comparitvely to other recent years, an underwelming set of headliners. Sometimes there’s just not much they can do.
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