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  1. Yeah they’re abroad on the weekend (Spain I think) so there’s no chance they’re playing, headliners are almost confirmed anyway and the strokes aren’t one sadly
  2. I saw them there last year, they were pretty good tbh and I’d be happy to have them back this year, they were full of energy and got a good crowd at King Tut’s
  3. I’d imagine Catfish would have a fairly high place on the list, a lot of people do want them this year, Stormzy and Ezra would definitely be quite low down though. Apparently Drake was on the survey and got a lot of votes.
  4. Since it’s almost all finished, who do you think will play next year? Let’s get the predictions for 2020 going early.
  5. I’d be happy for snow patrol to be honest, I can understand why people wouldn’t want them there but really there’s not much choice in terms of artists this year and I’d be happy to see them and sing along to chasing cars for a night. It does make me think that they could do with two headliners on a night cause not everyone’s going to fancy George Ezra or the like, if they had another stage with maybe a more alternative band (not talking like king tuts, an actual other stage) they could probably make more people happy. Would be more expensive though I suppose
  6. What I’m afraid of is they’ll hold back popular headliners and then put them on the worst selling day, they did it with Gerry last year, so they might do it with him and other big acts, I hope they don’t do that because I want to know exactly what I’ll be getting from the main stage before I buy tickets
  7. Geoff Ellis, TRNSMT Festival Director, said: “TRNSMT has had an amazing audience who have played a huge part in making the festival one of the most popular events on the music calendar in just two years. That’s why we’ve decided to place the line-up announcement into their hands for the first time. We can’t wait for them to reveal the first set of artists.” Found this statement on Glasgow live, when he says first set of artists does that mean we’re not even getting the full lineup when it’s announced?
  8. I think they’ve been ruled out
  9. Don’t forget the extra fees for the golden circle and £5 lager
  10. Actual fucking joke man, they’re announcing the presale before the lineup. Why aren’t they just announcing it. This is such a pisstake, they have the lineup, why don’t they just give us it now. Everyone pretty much knows it’s going to be a mediocre lineup, I don’t know what they’re doing. At least we know the lineup will be revealed before Monday. Unless they expect us to buy tickets without knowing it, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised
  11. That would actually be alright, I’d definitely go for Saturday/Sunday if that was the lineup
  12. Is anybody going to that gig by the way? I’m thinking if I’m not going for the full trnsmt weekend I’ll get myself a ticket, love a bit of Wu Tang Clan
  13. Looks like we made it to 100 pages. This has been some thread so far. Heard the new catfish song as well, I’m hoping for Friday as the announcement then presale next Wednesday maybe
  14. While we’re at it, does anyone else think we’ll get to 100 pages before the lineup? It would be quite the achievement
  15. I’m assuming at least some point this morning, if the Vistas announcement is anything to go off. Fuck knows at this point, if we’re assuming the general sale will be a Friday and it’s getting announced this week it has to be today.
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