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  1. Personally looking forward to Ziggy Marley, but you're right - if it's sheet raining like 2018, I might end up at the arcade at the end of the promenade instead of listening to All Saints
  2. Off-topic, but very sad to hear the news about Keith Flint. Prodigy were an epic end to a rainy, muddy, memorable 2018 Victorious. So grateful that Victorious managed to get such a distinctive act, and that I got to see them. Line-ups - you take the ups & the downs. For every year there's an Elbow or Maximo Park, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Franz Ferdinand, Prodigy, there's going to be years where the organisers hit the right festival notes for other people.
  3. Agreed - big disappointment. Hey ho. Bloc Party will be awesome to make up for it the previous day.
  4. Have to agree, I'm afraid. I did see New Order in Hyde Park a while back, and they didn't amount to much. Support was Moby, who was probably better. New Order would be a little bit of a disappointment, but the Sunday undercard (Sundercard) is great: Ash, Futureheads, Razorlight, Vaccines, Ziggy Marley. Maybe I'll get an early night on the Sunday. Maybe NO will drag Kylie along for a bit of kitsch.
  5. Kind of hoping it's someone as big as Ian Brown, but I don't think that's going to happen. Old 'nearly dead' dude more likely.
  6. Silent Alarm in full will be an awesome treat, if it's true. Happy with the line-up announcement (albeit on other news channels). Hope it's accurate and not just rumours.
  7. I like Um Bongo - I'm glad they'll have a stall there this year. I also like bands, so hopefully there will be some more on the way soon.
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