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  1. This sounds very interesting... Is it something someone's already guessed?
  2. So are we expecting anymore major announcements or do we think its just going to be the smaller stuff stuff now?
  3. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/our-region/portsmouth/victorious-festival-2019-two-door-cinema-club-rudimental-and-bloc-party-revealed-as-headliners-1-8806089
  4. I asked for that didn’t I... haha
  5. Finally!! That surely means an announcement over the next day or so! So without breaking the um-bongo, is it a decent line up?
  6. Is that an OHHH like an OHHH there’s been a development??
  7. Any predictions on when we could expect the announcement? It would be nice to see some more international acts in there. There’s always one or two but never more than that, and I thought that was one of big reasons behind working with Global.
  8. Yeah manics would be quite disappointing and though I don’t doubt chic will put on a good show is does feel a little underwhelming... Having said all that, last year we had The Prodigy as UK exclusive so there’s always the possibility of something like that happening again. Plus in the acts announced so far we have a few the others don’t so maybe the lineups won’t be as similar as we might expect! Still got my fingers crossed for New Order!
  9. This years a tough one to call. Globals other festivals haven’t given any obvious clues in terms of headliners but there’s definitely some that I can see playing a bit further down the bill. There are definitely rumours going round about Chic. Where that would put them on bill I’m not sure, they have been riding a lot of hype over the last few years so a headline slot wouldn’t be all that surprising. They are definitely bigger than any other afternoon special guests we’ve had so I don’t think I see them in that slot to be honest. I think we might see the manics returning as the co headliner on the Friday night. Which would be kind of disappointing considering they were there not that long ago. as for the the undercards, A friend in the know mentioned that doves were on the cards, whether that is actually happening I don’t know but it would make sense! Other acts I’m expecting to see on there are Kate Nash, Shame, Futureheads, Gerry Cinnamon, Black Honey, Sea Girls and I’d love to see the Go Team on there!
  10. Boardmasters is a Global Event so I guess that does put them in the mix...
  11. Ahh didn’t know that! Suppose that increases the chances of them doing it a bit then... But even so, I would be very surprised to see them headlining it.
  12. Catfish are a weird one... On the one hand it would kind of make sense. Global seem to have a selection of headliners that they swap from festival to festival and they're usually in the mix. Victorious is one of the few festivals they haven’t done so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if they ended up doing it. But then on the other hand it would be quite a change from the usual formula... I guess they do have more current acts in the undercards at times, but the headliners on the whole seem to follow a pattern. The Prodigy were a bit of a curveball in terms of genre last year, but it still fit with the pattern. It’s a tough one to call! In recent years Victorious has shared a headliner with Y Not, so I expected a clue in their announcement last night but now that’s thrown me too! Don’t see Elbow coming back, I’d be surprised to see Foals there for the same reason as Catfish and I really don’t see Two door headlining a 65k festival. I’m stumped!
  13. J you seem to be some sort of all knowing festival oracle. You obviously know something... C’mon spill the beans ?
  14. I could be reading into this a bit too much, but based on the branding and colour scheme of the more recent social media posts this looks like a pretty good fake... If it is a fake. Normally fake posters are made out of the posters from previous years. This one seems to have new graphics which seems unusual. Could be the real deal...
  15. I seem to remember someone saying that the Y Not line up announcement was delayed by a day, and that’s being announced this evening. Could mean Victorious has been pushed back a day to accommodate that?
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