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  1. @NudenutReally sorry to hear you weren't able to get one. I provided them with a letter from my partners doctor and they have moved us to the accessible area. I know it is done on first come first served, but it's a real shame you weren't able to get sorted. Hope you manage to work something out.
  2. Thank you @StoneCircle - that has been a massive help.
  3. Thank you. That's really helpful. I might need to make a plan as to how to level out the van as I've heard that area is a bit steep..
  4. Hi everyone, I've been to Glastonbury a number of times and I'm attending with my fiance for the first time this year. In all the excitement of managing to get tickets and West Campervan tickets, we totally forgot to consider that he has a CPAP machine that needs to be plugged into mains at night. I've emailed the accessibility team and they said with a doctors note etc, they can move us to East Campervan fields instead... but they didn't really say why they would move us or what benefit that would be. I'm wondering if anyone has experience of taking a CPAP and how they managed? Did they get an electric hook up in east in the accessible camping or something similar? Thanks, Gem
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