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  1. I feel like I could have written this myself. It's my 4th Glastonbury and I know I'm extremely lucky to be going but I get so anxious about the weather because of my OCD too. It might sound stupid to someone who doesn't suffer with it, but I genuinely wake up in the night at the moment worrying about all the 'what ifs'. I know I could just avoid this anxiety by not going, but I don't want to miss out on things I love because of my MH condition. I find the only thing that helps is totally avoiding all talk of weather at all. as often the thought of it is much worse than when it actually happens. Then you can always just assume it will stay dry/brighten up soon!
  2. We got ours too. If I remember right you were also getting an electric hook up weren't you? Ours says something about electric 003 on it or something. Is your similar?
  3. Really productive Glastonbury day: - Found wellies that fit my fiance's ridiculous rugby player legs. (It's his first Glastonbury and he was adamant he didn't need any. 🙄 Threatened to leave him at home unless he bought some) - Dug out the camping stove etc, purchased some solar powered fairy lights, started the pile of things to pack in the spare room. - We also received our pass for the accessible campervan field, that I'm staying in for the first time this year. Still no sign of the actual tickets though... 😬
  4. @Simsy @deebeedoobee @BL1ND T1G3R No luck so far, but thank you. I think it must have been someone doing the open mic at the start of the day... I had a really enjoyable evening listening to all of these though! I managed to find a 20 second video of them on an old computer (I'm dedicated to finding this band!) so I might upload that somewhere and start the search again.
  5. No, again, that little stage is not listed on there for that year. It was for other years previously. Thanks though.
  6. Sadly not, as that stage isn’t listed for that year. Unless it had another name...? It’s definitely not the normal bandstand, but the one in croissant Neuf. Thank you though.
  7. A post in here the other day got me thinking about on of my favourite Glastonbury memories ever, and it reminded me of a band I saw but didn't get the name of. I'd love to see them/hear them again so I thought it worth asking here on the slim chance someone knows who I'm on about. (I'm aware it's a very slim chance) It was on the Wednesday of 2014, (25th June) and was on the Croissant Neuf bandstand. They possibly had a slightly Ska kind of vibe to them and sang a song that said "knees up!" a lot. The crowd went absolutely crazy for them and we all went from having a chilled afternoon to dancing and just having one of my favourite ever moments at Glasto. It was quite early in the afternoon I think. My searches so far have been unsuccessful, as the full line up page on the website for that year doesn't list the croissant neuf bandstand...did they maybe call it something else that year? If I could find a line up from that day I could go through them all until I found the right one, but I can't seem to get hold of one. The page on this forum was also fruitless - https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/2014/croissantneuf.shtml The only other info I have is that this video was taken either shortly before or after, as I remember seeing this too. Really grateful for anyone's help, as it's been annoying me for a long time. Gem x
  8. Really glad you got sorted @Nudenut
  9. @NudenutReally sorry to hear you weren't able to get one. I provided them with a letter from my partners doctor and they have moved us to the accessible area. I know it is done on first come first served, but it's a real shame you weren't able to get sorted. Hope you manage to work something out.
  10. Thank you @StoneCircle - that has been a massive help.
  11. Thank you. That's really helpful. I might need to make a plan as to how to level out the van as I've heard that area is a bit steep..
  12. Hi everyone, I've been to Glastonbury a number of times and I'm attending with my fiance for the first time this year. In all the excitement of managing to get tickets and West Campervan tickets, we totally forgot to consider that he has a CPAP machine that needs to be plugged into mains at night. I've emailed the accessibility team and they said with a doctors note etc, they can move us to East Campervan fields instead... but they didn't really say why they would move us or what benefit that would be. I'm wondering if anyone has experience of taking a CPAP and how they managed? Did they get an electric hook up in east in the accessible camping or something similar? Thanks, Gem
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