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  1. I agree the crowd is a strong part of any performance, the crowd can help the artist out a lot.
  2. Hi Is anyone excited to see Post Malone this year? , I think he is a very good artist with a great voice.
  3. Also when are the Reading (Day) ticket prices meant to rise this year, and when is the next lineup announcement likely to be ? Thank you
  4. Thank you, I will probably ask some of my mates if they are going.
  5. Thanks a lot, this was quite helpful
  6. Hi I am planning to go to Reading Festival this year, I am probably going solo (I am nervous about it) and I have a few questions. How is the Reading solo experience like ? , How long is the walk from Reading train station ? How much is food and drink at Reading ? and lastly do you have any tips or advice ..? Thanks a lot.
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