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  1. jcabmar

    Mad Cool 2019

    Well, I think Queens of the Stone Age is way bigger than The National. I like both of them, but let's be realistic, tell me a festival where Queens of the Stone Age hasn't headlined in the past years. But I agree with you that The National is bigger than Jack White.
  2. jcabmar

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    I thought it was going to be New Order. But what about Eddie Vedder? If his show is 10% as good as the Pearl Jam concert in Mad Cool last year... I am happy with it!
  3. jcabmar

    Rock Werchter 2019

    That would really be a pity. I saw his show last year in Ancienne Belgique and it was amazing. I would like to see it in The Barn this year but I hope it is not at the same time as Muse in the main stage. That would be really bad. And I guess that most of the people that like Muse also like Radiohead and most probably Thom Yorke. What about having him just before Muse. Something like James Blake before Radiohead in 2017? or Nick Cave before Arctic Monkeys this year!
  4. jcabmar

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    I think I know who you meant. And isn't it today the best day to announce them?
  5. jcabmar

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    It says: Bilbao BBK Live has been awarded as festival of the future due to its innovation in stages thanks to our BASOA stage. Stay alert, we will be bringing news soon.
  6. jcabmar

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    Oh, that's awesome! I am really interested! One of my friends missed the train yesterday before the ticket price change.