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  1. Yeah but how many of those 95% are going to be so alienated they never try for tickets again?
  2. HS94


    j Just got a £15 (+fees) earlybird for this, love that they're trying to catch 2 completely different crowds under the same roof, been wanting to see the Wizard since about 2017 but never been able to get it sorted somehow!
  3. HS94

    2020 headliners

    So far they've (supposedly) announced 5 shows on the US/Mexican border, whilst the monetary aspect has to be acknowledged, it's clear that there's more to it than that. Glastonbury has always been a very political festival, so it's not the biggest reach in the world FWIW, I don't think they do play, reckon they're much sooner likely to play a day festival in London somewhere (BST/APE/etc)
  4. HS94

    2020 headliners

    Argument that RATM headlining Coachella puts them out the running for the other is absolute nonsense, Tame Impala did that exact permutation this year. Phoenix headlined Coachella in 2013 and then were as low as JP headliner in 2013?
  5. HS94

    2020 headliners

    Do you know where Eyelash was originally billed to play? size of the crowd she had would've been dangerous anywhere smaller than the other. Remember seeing that her crowd at Reading was one of the biggest they've ever had as well
  6. Sounds like you're having a rotten time of things mate, obviously I don't know the circumstances or anything, so a bit limited in the advice I can give, always willing to listen if you wanna shoot me a pm though. Failing that, sending good vibes your way!
  7. I think it probably would've been the small bag of white powder they found on his person then. Either way, could it not constitute breaking and entering?
  8. Was sat having a pancake in the shade near West Holts on Friday, saw some commotion as security surrounded a fella without wristband. 50 odd year old Woman comes and sits next to me strikes up a conversation along the lines of "Can you pretend you know me so they don't look too closely at me, I was with him" They'd paid some local £50 to be led through some fields and under a hole in the fence. Sat chatting to her for a good half hour, told me all the details of how they pulled it off, and all about her life, absolutely fascinating conversation. Felt bad for the guy she was with though, a very heavy handed search by 5+ security and police, thrown in the back of a land rover in cuffs at the end of it!
  9. HS94

    Shameless Rip-offs

    I had the same before Sharon Van Etten, the way it was written up on the board made it sound amazing, but it was so disgustingly dry, worst meal I've had all year!
  10. HS94


    It's Johnny Banger's club night/fashion brand (yeah I don't know either...) Seems to be a lot of that south of the river bass stuff, they put the stage times up on twitter beforehand, actually could've been quite sick, but saturday evening was peak clash time as it was https://twitter.com/ParkStonebridge/status/1142511421600731136?s=20
  11. Only just picked this up, thank you so much! sending endless good vibes your way this weekend!!!!
  12. HS94


    Saw him do the last set of the last night on one of the small stages at bestival one year. Was clearly off his nut, having the best time, but the mix didnt suffer. Security shut it down for a bit because the bar was too rammed (think it was one of those weird jagermeister sponsored bar type things) but he was straight in the crowd to continue the party. Top Fella!
  13. I went for the LCD Soundsystem show they did last year, which if memory serves was sold out (or very close to sold out) The field is massive, crowd didn't feel very dense at all, would be very straightforward to get a central spot about a third of the way back. We had been in the dance tent for Dixon up until maybe 10-15 minutes before LCD came on, went straight to the front left position and were able to work our way centrally over the course of a few songs Hope you have a wicked time, wanted to go myself but I'm off to Julian and the lads the following day!
  14. HS94

    The National

    I got one of these but haven't gotten round to framing it yet. It is A0 size right if I just get a cheap frame off ebay?
  15. Would like to say a massive thank you to everyone on the board for their support over the last 24 hours, had a right shit tip of a day at work on very little sleep. Been to see The National at Royal Festival Hall tonight and explained the situation on the down low to a few of my friends throughout the evening, all very understanding, if I can get through a day like today I'm sure I'll be chin up by the time summer rolls round! Turns out my therapist was right, I make a lot of anxious predictions and its never quite the worst case scenario!
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