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  1. I just had a look at last year's lineup and some of the smaller bands played both but nothing major so you could be right. Although now date is nearer to other festivals there could be more opportunity with bands not having gaps until the end of summer? We will find out soon enough I guess! Also going to throw Tijuana Bibles into the ring - brilliant band who seemed to go away for a little bit but watched them at tenement trail this year and they were ace - seem to be a bit more active since too.
  2. Colonel Mustard are playing at Belladrum so not sure about them, as there didn't seem to be any crossover last year. Would be great fun though! I'm not really sure about the cost cutting side of things, this years increased capacity probably just supported paying Noel. But previous years and without Noel leccy fields has still be cracking so not overly concerned and have just got our tickets in blind faith.
  3. Can see Doves being one of the headliners based on previous years (The Charlatans, Primal Scream, TJAMC, James, Noel etc). Could also be a reason behind the date change. Few other local bands I think will play - Bossy Love, The Van T's, Honeyblood and Heavy Rapids.
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